Our Main Aspirations

With each blog post, there will be a variety of underlying presuppositions. The following are specific goals:

Goal #1: An avenue to refine thinking through writing

Writing helps me organize my thoughts. What you read is not my finished product. Hopefully I am growing in my knowledge about Christ and growing to know Him better and therefore my theology is refining. I challenge my own presuppositions, fears, exegesis, and skills all the time. This blog is a reflection of said challenge.

Goal #2: Advocate biblical thinking

It is an unfortunate thing once the menial tasks of ministry begin to overtake segmented time to study God’s Word. We too often hear or are tempted ourselves to rely upon the knowledge we learned in Seminary. The pursuit of biblical knowledge and scriptural truth is vital for the spiritual well-being of the shepherd. Therefore, through writing weekly blog posts, weekly preaching demands, and discipleship preparations should propel us to continue to stay abreast with weekly Bible study and reading.

We all work under the same presupposition of 2 Pet 1:3:

His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.

All things that we need for living and godliness is obtained through knowing God. We do not advocate some experiential-existentialism where we can rationalize the being God. Rather, knowing the intimate details of God is obtained through the hard efforts of Bible study. Therefore, in all we do, we will seek to advocate deep, rich thinking upon God’s Word.

Goal #3: Advocate logic within biblical thinking

Too often than not, preachers will raise the volume of their voice to present a point or attempt to make convincing arguments. Doing such things provides no further clarity into difficult topics. Therefore, in our writings, we will attempt to take great care and concern for the logical explanation of Scripture and its theology.

Goal #4: Balance of advocating theology and critiquing others

I want to be known for what I believe and advocate more than being known for what I am against. You know that person who constantly rides “hobby-horses” against specific theological views or Evangelical celebrities. Rather than constantly critiquing others and theological systems, I want to be known for exalting Christ.

However, there are times to critique theological positions. The goal is to critique the argument by accurately representing the author while avoiding ad hominen or other logical fallacies against the author. I’d like my writing to be gracious and fair enough that I would not be embarrassed to have the person’s family over for dinner.

Goal #5: Provide encouragement to the pastor, the local church, and the reader

I love the church and God’s Word. If I can help fan those two flames in your life through writing then praise the Lord. I want to love Christ more and His people. I pray the same for every believer.