Jason Vaughn

Jason has 4 GREAT loves: The Lord, his wife, his boys, and his church family. He claims coffee, shooting guns, reading, and fellowship fan those flames. (You pick which one fans what love–it’s like a game). He’s ready and willing to joke about everything but two things: the Gospel and coffee. You might say it’s the “fifth element” to his loves.

He roasts his own coffee, Starbucks free since December 2010, and is thankful for both experiences. He is willing to discuss his hobbies but DO NOT ask how many or what firearm he owns. Reading is a past-time he loves and hates at the same time. Medically there is help for him, but only in Africa.

He spends his summer afternoons listening to Yankee games, fall months following the Oklahoma Sooner’s, and winter and spring cheering for the Thunder. Oh, and he cannot STAND the Dallas Cowboys who are the wannabe Yankees of the NFL. šŸ™‚

Ken Stiles

Ken is alive: which is actually quite astonishing if you knew the backstory. He married up and has a lovely wife and wonderful children. Like Jason, he roasts his own coffee and, if offered a cup of Starbucks, would at first be mortified at such an indignity and then politely decline. Ken currently has the privilege of serving as a Navy Chaplain and would probably write more if he were not possessed of the amazing ability of being both busy and lazy at the same time. When it comes to what you find me saying on this site, please keep in mind the following:

I am writing on my own behalf, and the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and not necessarily those of the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy or the Navy Chaplain Corps.