In January I got pretty sick. Sick enough to halt writing and reading. But since recovering from what I felt like, but was never actually close to, death, I’ve returned to  reading. Listed below are my five favorite reads in the last month:

  1. John, written by the Apostle John inspired by God. Do I really need to say anything else?
  2. Praying With Paul by DA Carson. This is a great book evaluating Paul’s prayers. This is not a “how to” manual (by design). Yet I learned so much enriching my prayers and convicting me regarding my prayers. Prayer time is not a medical report, it’s a time to go before God and thank Him, praise Him, request from Him, and intervene on behalf of others.
  3. My friend, John Chester’s post, “Act like a Christian on Social Media.” I have a love / hate relationship with social media. One of my dislikes comes from seeing “Christians” beat up others . . . even some famous bloggers unfortunately get into this act. It saddens me.
  4. I love OT / NT issues. My thesis was on the NT use of the OT. Understanding the two testaments is a great study. Dr. Barrick shows where continuity does exist in a way most of us are not used to reading about in this discussion, “Continuity: Old Testament Truth in New Testament Clothing.
  5. Finally, if you know me well, you know I LOVE eschatology (but I don’t really want to waste my blog time debating about it). Why? Because eschatology is the study of the End. God wins. I’m resurrected to a new hope, a glorified body, and with my Savior in eternity! There is hope in eschatology and Allen Cagle explains why! We need to live with the end in mind every day! “Why did God tell us about the Future?
  6. Yes, this is now the most misleading top 5 list ever composed. (And I read this back in December — but it is so good I had to get it on a list) But since Scripture should be understood, #1 was there to encourage us to be a reader of Scripture first. Okay . . . now to the final book . . . Preston Sprinkle’s People to be Loved. This is a great book on homosexuality. Preston is very gracious and kind while showing the truth from Scripture. This is a must read. You will be encouraged like I am.

Currently I’m also reading, Fundamentals of New Testament Textual Criticism by Stanley Porter & Andrew Pitts. Although I found the introduction to be the most arrogant introduction ever written in the history of Christian scholarship, the content has been good. It’s been clear, concise, and so far on point. . . more to come.

If you have any recommendations please feel free to tell me, I’m on a reading terror right now and want good resources.