Unknown-1.jpegI’m a thinker . . . I spend as much time thinking about what I read as I did reading it. That makes me a slow reader. But, I’ve come to embrace this too. Sometimes a thought develops enough to write 1200 words about it. Even then, most of the time there is more to say. But today, there are some random proverbial thoughts batting around in my head. If we’ve never met, know I tend to live by principals not rules. I find this works well for me. If it doesn’t for you, okay. Can we agree both of us should say, “Hey, let me live according to Scripture.”? So, with that in mind here are a few thoughts I’ve been batting around between all two brain cells of mine.

Unknown-2.jpegFirst, people are precious. Christ “By the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor, so that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone” (Heb 2:9). Jesus tasted death for everyone. Note everyone here means everyone. This includes Muslims, sex-offenders, homosexuals, thieves, and Democrats too. I think that’s important, don’t you? He tasted death for those people we deem enemies, heathens, and the vilest of the vile. Those people are made in His image. His creation. Sinners? Yes, absolutely rebellious. And yet Christ STILL died for them. Tasted death for them. Viewed them as precious enough to redeem. How can I want to nuke, bomb, or be mean to them? They are precious. Everyone needs the Savior Jesus the Christ. Not everyone will be saved, but that does not diminish this reality: they are precious.

Second, corporate worships is important. Corporate worship is not about me. It’s about worshipping Jesus Christ. It’s about singing and preaching with they body to magnify Him and encourage others. So . . . I don’t go to church on Sunday just to be fed. I go to serve. By serve I mean have relationships and love others. Corporate worship is a banquet feasting on grace and truth then pouring out that grace and truth on others. Mature believers show up to sing, hear the Word, and serve others. Only coming for the sermon or other personal reasons makes worship about me, not Him.

images-1.jpegThird, friendships should not be qualified on theological acumen. There is a grave sin I’ve seen among men. Defriending men because they don’t see eye to eye on theology. What’s made it worse, I’ve seen men act like they don’t exist, never telling the guy the problem (that’s murder, btw according to Matthew 5:21ff). Being a friend with someone does not mean you endorse his (or her) every decision, action, or theological explanation. Could you imagine if God was only friends with people who had perfect theology? He’d have no friends. The Trinity would be it. No friends. The smallest, slightest deviance from a perfect explanation would exclude us from being His friend. We couldn’t think until we had it perfect. God is gracious and His love is loyal. Are we better than God that we could be different? What if your “deviant friend” is going askew? Will silence win him? or loyal love? What would you prefer from your friend? Stab in the back or communication and confrontation?

Now bad company corrupts good morals . . . so if you can’t stay faithful to the Lord because of your friendship with someone, then tell him or her and get out of the relationship. But leave the door open for a return to the relationship when your convictions have grown to the point where you will not be influenced by them. BUT TELL THEM! That’s the Christ-like thing to do. In fact, tell them and offer another way to have the relationship. Instead of meeting at the bar, meet at a coffee shop and exclude drinking from the equation?

Fourth: Facebook and social media. I have a thought regarding every political, theological, and social issue. I skim social media and literally have something I feel I could say and important to the issue. Yes. I have a thought on refugees, gun control, Obama, elections, tolerance, Joel Osteen, charismatics, conservatives, liberals, and etc. But I choose to not comment on 99% or make a post referencing it. Why? Because I’m primarily about the Gospel of Christ. With that said, I choose to say things I either find funny or biblical (best of both worlds = both). Why? Because I don’t think I’m called to fight every battle and certainly don’t think I can change anyone’s opinion. So, I’d rather be known for the Gospel and His church. That way, when I do speak, it’s actually a life-saving message providing hope. 🙂 (obviously sometimes I break my own rule, but as I get older (wiser???) I think it best to say more with less than less with more).

Anyway, four random thoughts running through my head the last few weeks. Feel free to comment, cry, make outrageous remarks, or key my car (but remember, it’s my wife’s car too). Jason