Recently I began writing for in addition to here. Last week I took time off from the social media to visit friends in Cali — meaning 3 people missed me 🙂 Come on, I don’t take myself too seriously and neither should you unless I’m speaking about coffee or the Gospel.

I pray this blog continues to encourage you to think biblically and worship the Lord. He is the greatest treasure a believer possesses and to know Him and follow Him is the greatest privilege we have! What a glorious Savior we have who died so I can be reconciled!

But just in case you are interested in some of my latest musings there are three posts at Parkingspace23.

First, I finally said something about Mark Driscoll. Check it out here.16095063-mmmain

Second, I want to be great and Jesus wants us all to be great. Check it out here.

Third, a believer is actually a lifetime student.

Fourth, I’d encourage you to add Parkingspace23 to your regular reading schedule. You will find the guys encouraging, biblical, they love Christ and care about doctrinal fidelity!

Finally, I’d like to encourage you to habitually read Peter Goeman. Even though Peter is a Minnesota Twins fan, he has great insights and will benefit you too.

Coming up next week I’ll continue my series on being blessed. I have some thoughts on cuss words & speech, and the most dangerous thing in the world too. Thanks for your faithful reading. As always, please feel free to challenge me and push me to love Christ more! Ephesians 3:17-19!!