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Here are four questions you should be able to answer “yes” to at the end of the day. Use these four questions as a guide to help you stay focused on what this day is about for us who love Jesus! PS. Serving is worship too!!! (more on that later!)

  1. Do you love Jesus more at the end of today than you did this morning? Singing, preaching, fellowship, and everything we do is meant to point us to Christ and love Him more!
  2. Do you know how to better pray for those in your church? (you should have specifics,  not just generalities, for example, “I know Billy has an interview on Wednesday for a new job.” or “Mark and Lady Jane had a miscarriage.”)
  3. Finally, Do you know how to serve those in your church this week? (for example, Jane has surgery on Tuesday, what does her family need while mom is out for the week to recover? meals, child-care, encouragement from visitors?)
  4. Did you pick up trash? (you probably had a cup of coffee, maybe a donut / bagel, did you help out the person tasked to clean by picking up your own mess?) 🙂

Hopefully we can answer yes to these questions at the end of Sunday and worship our Savior throughout the week!